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Going to Dolp

Writing with the concision of Hemmingway and the philosophical depth of Hesse, Tim Doyle gives us in Going to Dolpo a kind of extended haiku, which reveals rather than resolves the unutterable mystery at the heart of things. --John Horgan, author of Rational Mysticism
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Into the Himalaya The Lowlands

Tim Doyle and Kali Sherpa walk from the green lowland valleys of Nepal to the snowbound, treeless canyons of Dolpo, an area just south of the Tibetan border. The author explores human psychology and destiny within a Buddhist framework while Kali and he wade through snow and encounter the dangers of high overland travel during the Himalayan winter. Going to Dolpo is simultaneously a travel book, an essay, a pilgrimage account and an adventure story. Combining elegant prose with multi-layered originality the pages encompass these genres and form a decisive and inspired narrative that challenges traditional classification.

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